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This Academics Advance scheme is a flexible and low-cost recruitment route supported by leading organisations in Initial Teacher Education. This can be undertaken by staff in Secondary, Primary and SEN schools no matter what their starting point, even as non-graduates (we’ll have to get them up to degree level, and it’ll take time, but it can be done!).

Our central training offer is a two-year programme focused on helping graduates gain QTS. The initial year is spent as a teaching assistant, building valuable school experience, and then developing into classroom teachers with ongoing weekly mentor sessions ending in a university monitored QTS assessment.

We’re also happy to help you with staff you’ve already got in school! Whatever stage they are at, whatever qualifications they are on, we are happy to help then get qualified. It might take as little as 6 months or as long as 4 years, but if you believe in them, we will too!

Through Academics Advance, we will help you recruit high-quality, motivated candidates to join your team and develop them towards becoming fully qualified, outstanding teachers.

Why offer another teacher training route?

A simple web search will offer dozens of routes into teaching but what we've learned, since leading the way for graduates to become teaching assistants over a decade ago, was that too many people are picking a career in teaching without fully knowing what life in a school is really like. Nor, more importantly, what the life of a teacher is all about.

So we allow people to join our courses without the whopping financial commitment that comes alongside more traditional routes. We’ve created something flebile, cost-effective for schools and utterly bespoke to each candidate.

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