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The perfect start to your teaching career

Academics Advance is a fully paid two-year course that can be taken at your own pace. It offers recognised teaching qualifications, through gradual stages and is fully supported with online course materials, tutorials and dedicated round-the-clock mentor support. Candidates start as teaching assistants and progress through to QTS through university accreditation.

This opportunity is available to graduates and high calibre non-graduates who are dedicated to improving the lives and outcomes of young people. This can be undertaken by staff working in Secondary, Primary or SEN schools.

This fully paid, in-school programme is supported by leading educational establishments and awarding bodies. No previous experience is necessary and successful participants will finish as confident, capable, fully qualified teachers.

There is no upfront payment for any of the courses so every element can be handled at a time that suits. With the worrying drop-out rate of other training courses in mind, we are keen to be as flexible as possible around your life, career progression and the school’s finances.

If you’re already in a school, we can still help! Many of our schools are keen to put their TAs and unqualified teachers through our courses to get them up-skilled, qualified and up the pay scale! So get in touch today to see how we can help.

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Some courses are expensiveOurs won't cost you a penny
I'm struggling with all the training daysWe've developed ours online to do at your own pace
I simply can’t afford to volunteer for a yearOurs is a fully paid placement
The PGCE was too much for me in one yearOur training is staggered evenly over 2 years
I struggled to get to all the training daysWe've made the majority of our training

Who are Academics?

Academics is a leading Education Recruitment Agency that places Teachers and Support Staff across London and the UK.

We are committed to those new to teaching gaining experience as teaching assistants and setting them on the path towards future careers as teachers.

We've placed thousands of teaching assistants into schools, so we understand well the hurdles faced by would-be teachers and offer solutions.