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We can help you become a teacher

Keen to be a teacher but don't know where to start? Not sure which qualifications you need? Well, you're in the right place!

With Academics Advance, you can get qualified in a length of time that suits your qualifications and experience. Been in school with 5 years experience? We’ll take that into account.

Only looking to do QTS? We’re there for you! No experience at all? Well, within two to three years we can get you qualified if you are passionate and dedicated to changing student lives.

Whatever your starting point, even if you don’t yet have a degree, we can help you on a course to getting one and becoming a qualified teacher. We shape courses around you, because just like your students, everyone is different. So don’t put off your dream career a moment longer. Contact us today to take the first step towards changing lives!

We can help you if you’re already in school but our most popular route is a teacher training route beginning as a teaching assistant and developing to QTS over 2 years of support and training.

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Quality video-based tuition

We have numerous professionally-created teacher training videos taking you through everything you need to know to get informed, up-skilled and qualified. Our videos are written and presented by expert trainers, and delivered in a friendly format in the unique TuitionKit virtual learning environment. All the work you’ll complete is based on reflection of your practice and short essays on key pedagogical information making you a better teacher.

The great thing about video is that the lessons never leave you, you can revisit them again and again to refresh or add to your knowledge. Not a lecture hall in sight!


Unique tools at your fingertips

The TuitionKit virtual learning environment is purpose-built to afford you a suite of easy-to-use, interactive features to get the most out of your learning. From in-video questions for self-testing, to a schedule creator that lets you study what you need to in a timeframe that works for you, and video messaging so you can communicate directly with your mentor and show exactly what you want to work on with your class and get a full personalised video in return. There's lots to explore and you can add every type of evidence you can think of, so say goodbye to those bulging folders! We’re pretty big on that to be fair… with us: no folders, ever!

Assessment 2.0 is here

Teaching training assessment has never been like this. Done entirely within the TuitionKit virtual learning environment, work through the sequences of videos, answer the questions in-video and in real time, and check your progress. Your assessors access the same system and give you feedback as you go.