Using TuitionKit

We have created a range of introductory sheets for colleagues in schools to give them an idea of how to use TuitionKit effectively. Please click on any of the links for the relevant guidance.

  • Introduction and Overview

    This sheet gives you an overview of TuitionKit and its features. In essence it’s the key points from our website in brochure format.

  • Key Summary Sheet

    This gives you a quick snapshot of all the key features that TuitionKit has and allows users to do.

  • Different Ways of Use

    This sheet is a great starting point for teachers who wish to use TuitionKit to help their students.

  • Different Levels of Use

    This sheet gives you considerations of the depth to which you can use TuitionKit. You may want to use a different level of features with different classes.

  • Logging in Instructions

    This sheet tells you how to log in with easy to follow instructions and supporting images.

  • Parent Usage

    This sheet offers parents a simple way to get the best out of TuitionKit at home with their child.

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