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Using the Dashboard - TuitionKit - TuitionKit

Knowledgebase: Using the Dashboard

Your Dashboard is User Central - it's your launching point after you sign in to the site. Use it to track your progress and kick-start all sorts of cool actions.

Your Dashboard is a page generated specifically for you that pulls together all your history and current progress.

It's a great way of keeping track of what you've been up to, and a launch point for starting all sorts of cool actions.

It's broken into several sections. Some of these are obvious in their role - it's no surprise that the "Favourites" area shows videos you've previously favourited - but let's take a look at some of the more detailed areas.

Many of these areas have their own, dedicated Knowledgebase articles and videos, too, so be sure to check those out for more detailed information.

The first time you log in, you'll be prompted to take a guided tour of the Dashboard. We recommend this, as it helps you get a feel for what the page is for. You can take/re-take this tour at any time by clicking the "Take the Dashboard tour" link at the bottom of the Overview section.


The Overview area shows your overall progress. By progress we mean how many videos you've watched of each subject you have access to.

It's split into a number of progress wheels that show a percentile score for each subject. The more videos you watch, the more colourful the wheels get as your scores go up!

Revision Courses & Schedules

Revision Courses and Learning Schedules are a big part of the site. They allow you to organise your learning into a time period that suits you.

This panel on the Dashboard shows you a selection of your most recent Courses and Schedules, if any, including some basic information on each, such as the subject and your progress.

From here you can resume an underway Course or Schedule or, go to the dedicated Courses and Schedules area of the site to see all of them (if you have lots) or to begin a new one.

My Added Videos

We're not just about giving you our videos; you can also add your own videos from YouTube or Vimeo!

This part of the Dashboard gives you a summary of any videos you've added, showing you the latest few, if any. It's a great way to jump straight into one of those videos.

Alternatively, hit the orange buttons to see all of your added videos, if you've got lots, or to add a new one now.


The Trending panel shows you the videos that have been popular with other site users over the last few days. It's a great way of discovering videos you might otherwise have missed, so be sure to see what other people are watching!

Video Events

Video Events are a big part of using the site effectively to get the most out of it. They allow you to set hints, comments or questions to pop up midway through a video at points designated by you.

See also:

This area of the Dashboard shows a summary of the Events you have access to - either those made by you or, if you're a school user, by your teachers - along with links to take you straight into the corresponding videos.

Use the "See all" button to head into the dedicated Video Events section of the site, to see all your Events. If you're a teacher, you'll also see a "Create Event" button that will take you into the Events creator so you can bulk-create Events for your students.


As you'll have noticed the first time you signed in, you earn badges for your various achievements. We dole these out to reward you for effective use of the site!

Badges are awarded for different things; you'll get one the first time you sign in, as noted above, just to say "well done for showing up!". You'll also get them for watching your first video, re-watching a video, marking a video as favourite, and for many more reasons besides.


The Account area is where you undertake actions relating to your account.

The links available in this section depend on your account type.

Every user gets the "Me" section, allowing you to change your avatar or your password.

Some users will see a "My users" section. If your account allows you to invite other users, this is where you can issue invites and check on users' progress. If you're a teacher, this is where you can get access to your students, and check their progress.

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