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Finding videos - TuitionKit - TuitionKit

Knowledgebase: Finding videos

TuitionKit has thousands of videos, and it's important to be able to quickly find the video you need for your revision. Here we take a look at how to do just that.

There are several ways to find content within TuitionKit, and in this article, and its accompanying video, we're going to look at some of those so you can quickly find the video you need and discover new ones.

Using the Subject Pages

Each subject has a Subject Page, accessible via the coloured links at the top of each page. Clicking one of these takes you to that subject's main page; you can pretty much think of this as Subject Central.

Shown above is the Science page, for example. It's split into several sections:

  • along the top, the sub-subjects - in the case of Science, this is Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • to the left, the topics navigation and videos
  • to the right, the videos available under the currently-selected topic

What's important to note is that, when you come into a subject page, you'll initially be in Topic Mode. This means you'll see all content - not organised according to the curriculum of a given exam board.

But you can also view in Exam Board Mode.

To do so, select your exam board from the exam boards dropdown menu to the right of the page (above the videos list). The page will then reload, organising the content according to that board's curriculum.

(Note that not every subject will always show an exam boards dropdown. For example, Maths > Functional Skills is not available for view by exam board.)

Whichever mode you're in, the page works the same. Click the topics or (where available) sub-topics in the left-hand navigation. That will load and display its videos to the right, and in the left hand navigation as links.

Once you've decided on a video, click it and you'll be taken to its video page.


Another way to find content is via the good old, traditional Search box. This lives in the top right of every page.

Start typing what you're interested in, and the system will go off and find what it thinks you're after. Results will appear under the search box as you type.

For example, if you type "geom" it'll assume "Geometry" and prompt you with the relevant videos.

For broader searches that perhaps return lots of videos, only the first few will appear under the search box. Instead, to view all results either press Enter or Return on your keyboard, or click the "View all results for {...}" link at the bottom of the search suggestions under the Search box (see above).

Elsewhere on the site

The Resource Browser and the Search facilities are the main ways of finding content, then.

But you'll find more videos scattered around the site. One such place is the Free Videos page, on which you'll find our picks of some of the best videos, available for free without the need to sign up, for each subject.

Then there's your Dashboard, which you see when you sign in. Many areas of the Dashboard point you to videos - be sure to check out our separate Knowledgebase article on Using the Dashboard for more on that.

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